Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hackers now using WhatsApp update to steal your bank information

Several WhatsApp users have reported downloading a bogus WhatsApp update that asked for their banking details. This update actually steals data once downloaded.  Apart from showing up as a regular update on your phone, some received the message via email
with the subject: "An audio memo was missed" or "You have a video announcement"

Experts have warned that Malware masquerading as a WhatsApp update has the ability to access the banking apps stored elsewhere on your phone.There have been several cases reported of unsuspecting Android users trying to update the popular messaging app, but instead they have accidentally installed the sneaky software that steals data. 
This follows reports of a separate piece of malware, also targeting WhatsApp users, that is spread using emails sent from criminals pretending to be from the Californian company.

The malicious emails are sent with subject lines such as 'an audio memo was missed' or 'You have a video announcement' in order to entice people to click on the message and spread the malware. However, all of these messages end in random characters - such as 'xgod' or 'Ydkpda' - that may be used to identify an unsuspecting recipient, according to security firm Comodo Labs. 
The messages themselves contain a compressed (zip) file harbouring the malicious software, which if clicked upon rapidly infects a computer's file system and could be used by criminals to control the machine.
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