Tuesday, January 5, 2016

For lack of girlfriend, Kenyan man cuts off his manhood!

A 25-year-old Kenyan man has chopped off his penis because girls kept turning him down. Leonard Kimotho from Kirinyaga County, caused a stir in his community when he used a sharp knight to chop it off on new year's day!
He said it's a protest for being turned down by the women he was trying to date.

Kimotho’s parents were left dumbfounded. They called the area chief, Emmaculate Wanjiru Njoka who said,
“A family from Kiorugari called and informed me their son had chopped off his manhood. They say after secretly performing the act on himself, he rushed out of the house while bleeding profusely."
Leonard was taken to the hospital with his severed manhood in a polythene bag. However, doctors advised the family to take him to Kerugoya Level 4 Hospital because his condition was severe.
According to Njoka, doctors at Kerugoya Level 4 Hospital have said they will try their best to reattach the manhood.

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