Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Say what? 2016 Budget not missing, Buhari secretly withdrew it?

A new report says the 2016 budget presented to the National Assembly by President Buhari is not missing after all, it was secretly withdrawn. While we're waiting for the presidency to confirm this, find details below.
Unconfirmed sources said the budget was withdrawn by the President for proper review and to allow for reduction in allocations for some ministries, agencies and parastatals, especially the presidency. Sources said there were too many errors in the budget that cannot be overlooked.
“The president did not read the actual budget until criticism started flying left, right and center.
“For instance, budgetary allocation was made for renovation of Vice President lodge in the Presidency Budget while provision was also made for the renovation in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Ministry’s budgetary allocation,” the source said.
President Buhari had presented a N6.08 trillion budget for the fiscal year 2016. In the budget, capital expenditure takes N1.8 trillion, marking a significant over 300 per cent increment from the 2015 vote of N557 billion.
Since the budget was presented, Nigerians have been criticising some provisions in the budget, especially relating to the presidency.

Source: Wazobiareoprters
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  1. Thanks Adeola for your update God bless you we are waiting for more. espeacially for this budget issues.

  2. Thanks Adeola for your update this budget issues God bless you.