Wednesday, December 30, 2015

VIDEO: Male officers in the Nigerian army ridicule female recruits

In this video, four ladies in the process of joining the Nigerian army are seen told to dance while saying  "We dey smell," we're smelling. A couple of ladies already eliminated from the song can be seen sitting in the background.
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  1. It is unfortunate that this is happening in our beloved country. Shame on the military.

  2. The Nigerian Military and Buhari's reputation is seriously damaged with this video. No military officer in Nigerian Army has any legal authority to humiliate a Nigerian citizen who wants to fight for her country in this manner. These unprofessional, crude, and doltish officers should be expelled they have no integrity, patriotism let alone intelligence needed to drill and educate young recruits. There is a serious problem with this video, and there will be a law suit against Nigerian Army. It would be a reasonable, remedial option for the Head of Department of this training to first resign, to have a chance to mend the broken fences. No Nigerian girl should ever be disrespected in this manner. So-called officers do not have the decency to teach anyone, because they know nothing. They cannot even speak good English let alone imparting instructions to anyone. As is in Nigeria, they may have assumed that being in Nigerian Army has automatically made the country their real property. There are true and intelligent Nigerians all over the world watching this horrible video, and they are nauseated by it. These two despicable must be told that Nigeria does not belong to them, the young ladies they humiliated, and disgraced, are more worthy, patriotic, and reputable than these vapid officers. This sends a misleading message to the civilized world. One wonders what else is there to do, when these dull-witted have been abusing our young women. Is bad enough that \these women would have to give up their body to pass a course, let alone another saga of humiliation by way of training. The Head of Service of the Federal Republic of Nigeria must take up this matter with the Army Chief of Staff including but not limited to director of Army training. The office of the First Lady of Nigeria Mrs. Aisha Buhari. The dignity of a Nigerian woman must be protected at all times. The author of this comment will not give up until these two so-called officers are prosecuted, and jailed for their primitive, and barbaric language. Their conduct; use of language imputes loathsome injury, and damage on the persons of these gallant Nigerian citizens who only, sincerely wanted to train and defend their Nation. These two officers do not have the integrity and intelligence to represent the Nigerian Military.