Thursday, December 31, 2015

VIDEO: Ghanaian millionaire quits Microsoft to build top university in Accra

This is a powerful video, and I do agree with everything he said!
After living in America for about two decades, Patrick Awuah returned to Ghana to start a university that can train responsible leaders that would hopefully transform Ghana. Awuah left his job at Microsoft, where he earned millions as program manager to set up Ashesi University in Accra. 

“If the current leadership core was educated a certain way, if they were problem solvers, if they had deep compassion for society, we would be in a different place,” he said. His University is known for innovative curriculum, high tech facilities, and strong emphasis on leadership. 

Below are pictures of Ashesi University:

Adeola Web Developer


  1. And I'm a proud alumni of Ashesi University - 8 years after graduation :)

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