Wednesday, December 30, 2015

LIVE UPDATES: President Buhari's media chat

President Muhammadu Buhari hosts his first presidential media chat.
Buhari answers questions from a panel of journalists on a broadrance of current national issues.
The program starts at 7pm. 

SSS disobedience of court orders
“You want people who stole N40B to be granted bail to go to London when we have 2 million IDPs in camps?” – Buhari
Buhari very angry with offence committed by Dasuki and Biafra’s Nnamdi Kanu. He doesn’t see anything wrong in SSS flouting court orders

– I will work hard to ensure that 60% of the Nigerian budget is on capital projects – Buhari
-“I will look into the use of bank cards by Nigerians abroad, CBN & others will have urgently look into it”

On N18,000 minimum wage
“We have to look at the promise of 5K allowance even if people have to work in the farm to earn it”
I can assure you the federal govt will not touch that.
“My personal position on State creation should be irrelevant, the constitution that will determine that”

We will make sure people are trained on creating jobs for themselves. But we have to first get the institutions back and change the obsolete equipments – Buhari
“We need power. We have to get the roads done. But we can’t do these overnight. But insecurity needs to come first” – Buhari

On 2016 budget
“I think I will use veto power to stop the national assembly from using N47 billion to buy cars” – Buhari
Buhari says he will review N3.6b for BMW cars scandal.
“I turned down a huge bill for vehicles, but I know we need some vehicles for foreign visitors”

On economy
Personally I don’t support devaluation of naira – Buhari
I need to be convinced before devaluing the naira – Buhari 

"Before I came in, NNPC alone had 45 different accounts, military had over 70," - Buhari

“I will check with the CBN to see if people are unable to withdraw foreign currency from money they put in”
“Our priority is power for welders, barbers, building our roads and railways, not rice & expensive textile wears”
“Those who want to import Rice and Toothpick should go somewhere else to get foreign currency”
“I need to be convinced. If you devalue the naira, against what? Dollar, sterling, yen, French Franc?”
“We have banned the importation of toothpicks and goods we waste our foreign currency on.”
On security
Buhari said: ‪”Hijab will have to be banned if killings continue”
“Attacks on institutions by Boko Haram has been stopped.”

On crackdown on Shiites in Zaria by Nigerian Army “How can any group create a state within a state. I saw some clips of what happened” – Buhari

Buhari said: “I’m aware of it and the president of Iran spoke to me about it. I told him we have a system of investigation. I have to wait for official report before making a statement.”
– “Some people are taking advantage of IDP situation, we have the Benin situation with Children being sold”

– “We are getting international help regarding IDPS in Nigeria. We are not emphasizing on cash donations”

– “We have about 2 Million IDPs in Nigeria, mainly in Boron State, majority orphaned”
On kidnapped Chibok girls:

– We are looking for a credIble Boko Haram leadership that will convince us that Chibok girls are alive. Our priority is on orphaned IDPS to get them back to schools, resettle them and giving them hope”

Buhari: No firm intelligence as to where the Chibok girls are.
“I am honest with you, I don’t know whether Chibok girls are alive.”

Buhari: “We are more than willing to negotiate to the girls without compromising our National Security”

Buhari: “I have answered questions on Chibok Girls and we know so far from our attack on Sambisa that the girls are not intact”

Buhari: “I did not choose any minister that has corruption case in court or that will embarrass my govt”

“If you find any of my 36 Ministers with a corruption case in court name them so I can look into it”

“My Ministers must make sure they declare their assets, that is a constitutional requirement”

Buhari: “If anyone wants to see my full asset declaration, they are free to go and ask from the agency in charge”

On not being completely transparent on his assets declaration, Buhari said: “I have declared my assets at least 4 times. If you’re interested in my assets go to the ministry of justice.”
Buhari: “The fight against corruption might take years”

Buhari: “We need the cooperation of International Financial Institutions to get data on corrupt funds”

Buahri: “Corruption in NNPC/Oil is more complicated with the involvement of International Institutions”

Buhari: “I swore by the Hold Quran to protect and obey the constitution, no one will be above the law”

Buhari: “We have to be very sure of the evidence we present to the courts regarding corrupt practices”

“”By first few months in 2016 Nigerians will get more information regarding our anti corruption crusade”

On corruption, Buhari said Nigerians should be patient.

Buahri: “We have recovered some stolen funds but we cant release the information until we get to court”

Buhari: “We are doing quite well in the fight against corruption, considering the circumstances we find ourselves. As a military leader it was possible to round people up & jail them for being corrupt, but not in a democracy”

“Everyone suspected of being corrupt are innocent until proven guilty”
“We are taking people to court for corrupt practices & I can not comment on cases that are in court”

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